We aim to make our estate administration pricing as transparent as possible. We strive to achieve this by providing Personal Representatives of an estate with all inclusive fixed prices for our probate services.

For more information on our services or to arrange an appointment please call us on 01539565885 for a no obligation initial chat or send an email with your contact details to info@www.gdasolicitors.co.uk and we will contact you directly.

How much does probate cost?

Grant of Probate/Grant of Letters of Administration onlyFee
Executors/Administrators can then deal with the administration of the estate
after we have obtained the Grant for them
£899 + VAT *

Dealing with entire estate (obtaining Grant, collecting in assets and distributing to beneficiaries)

If the estate is under £325,000 and no Inheritance Tax is payable:

Basic price range
Estate of 1 property and up to 4 accounts £1,500 + VAT *
Estate of 1 property and from 4 up to 10 accounts£2,000 + VAT *
Additional costs relating to the administration of the estate
If there is no Will there will be an additional charge in relation to the increased
£300 + VAT

Banded fee scale in relation to number of share holdings/stock

Additional fee as follows:
1 to 3 share holdings£100 + VAT
3 to 5 share holdings £250 + VAT
6 plus share holdings £300 + VAT

Banded fee scale in relation to number of beneficiaries

Additional fee as follows:
3 to 5 beneficiaries £100 + VAT
6 plus beneficiaries£250 + VAT


  • Probate Court fee of £155
  • £0.50 for each office copy of the Grant required (1 per asset usually)
  • Other disbursements will be advised as required, e.g. accountant’s fee for potential
  • Income Tax return, Statutory Advertisement fee to advertise for unknown creditors, asset tracing fee
  • There may be additional disbursements for lost share certificates and share registrar and/or sale agent fees on transfer or sale of the shares.

Additional costs not related to the administration of the estate

Property sales

Sales of property will incur additional fees.

If we are executors or co-executors under a Will, we are responsible for marketing and selling the property and agreeing the sale price. The above fee scale may be subject to amendment in respect of estates where we are appointed as Executors in the Will.

Property transfers

Transfers of property (into the names of beneficiaries for example) will incur additional fees for which a quote can be provided should this be required.

Estate over £325,000 and Inheritance Tax payable

We will provide a fixed quote once we have obtained all relevant information about the estate from the Personal Representative and been able to assess the value and complexity of the estate.

Our fixed fee quotes are subject to alteration if there is a material change of information on the details given to us following the quote being initially provided.

If there are over 10 bank accounts in the estate the service will be provided at an hourly rate.

The prices shown are those quoted as standard but may be subject to amendment in the event that the estate complexity and/or client instruction requires. Price amendments will be disclosed to clients beforehand.